Van Straten Brothers Bridge Construction

Van Straten and sons has the bridge to meet your needs! If it's not in stock, we'll custom fabricate it to your specifications!

Portable bridges offer the most economical, and environmentally friendly way to provide safe stream crossings.


    Van Straten Brothers Bridge Construction
  • Replace the need for costly temporary culverts and backfill
  • Reduce environmental impact by minimizing stream bed disturbance
  • Can accomodate large water volumes
  • Are easy to transport and install


  • Highway loading factor H-S20
  • 32,000# per-axle for small 40' bridge with double overload factor
  • Add bottom stringers for a 94,000# capacity
  • 300-200,000# weight load bridges available
  • Designed to reduce transportation and installation costs
  • If suitable bank exists, bridge can be placed directly on the ground
Van Straten Brothers Bridge Construction

Standard or custom bridges are available. If we don't have the bridge you need in stock, we can custom design one to fit your application requirements.

Portable bridges can be used in a wide variety of applications, including:

  • Logging operations and timber management
  • Home/recreational access
  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Emergency access
  • During repair and/or replacement of existing bridges
  • Access for oil and gas development

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